Primary Schools Teams, Limerick Rapidplay, 2008-Nov-09

Team Standings

Place School-Team              Score

  1   ST_NICHOLAS_ADARE         19  
  2   SCOIL_MATHAIR_DE          11   
  3   CRECORA_NS_LIMERICK       10.5 
 6-7  ST_MICHAELS_LIMERICK      8.5  
      MILFORD_PS                8.5  
  9   ATHLACCA_NS               6.5  
 10   CAHERELLY_NS              6    
 12   MANISTER_NS_LIMERICK      4    

Team Names:
 1st:  Jeffrey Alfred, James Walker, Sean Paknahad, Tristan Furnell
 2nd:  Ruth Barnes, Rachel Ryan, Calvin Walsh, Craig Ryan
 3rd:  Thomas Keating, Geoffrey Keating, Cian Leahy, Richard Bateman

Individual Results:

  1st:  Jeffrey Alfred   ------->  Moves to Level-3
  2nd:  Eimear Weeks, on tie-break
  3rd:  Emre Keskin,  on tie-break

  1st:  James Walker     ------->  Moves to Level-2
  2nd:  Barry Hurley
  3rd:  Sean Paknahad,  on tie-break
  Girls Prize:  Niamh Weeks

  1st:  Cian Wall        ------->  Moves to Level-1
  2nd:  John Faust, on tie-break
  3rd:  Tom Anderson, on tie-break
  Girls Prize:  Lily Shortt

Cross Table

No Name             Level  Team-Name                Total    1    2    3    4    5    6  

1  Alfred, Jeffrey   L2    St_Nicholas_Adare         5.5    4:W  8:W  5:D 18:W 11:W  3:W
2  Walker, James     L1    St_Nicholas_Adare         5.5   47:+ 37:W 15:D 17:W  5:W  9:W
3  Weeks, Eimear     L2    Kilfinane_NS_Limerick     5     19:W 32:W  6:W  7:W  9:W  1:L
4  Keskin, Emre      L2    Limerick_School_Project   5      1:L 25:W 21:W 22:W 16:W  7:W
5  Wall, Robert      L2                              4.5   30:W 17:W  1:D 15:W  2:L 12:W
6  Hurley, Barry     L1    Milford_PS                4.5    0:D 46:W  3:L 33:W 18:W 15:W
7  Paknahad, Sean    L1    St_Nicholas_Adare         4     21:W 14:W 20:W  3:L 19:W  4:L
8  Kobzev, Valentin  L2    St_Michaels_Limerick      4     25:W  1:L 34:W 13:W 12:L 21:W
9  Weeks, Niamh      L1                              4     45:W 41:W 16:W 11:W  3:L  2:L
10 Wall, Cian        L0                              4     12:W 20:L 14:W 24:W 15:L 19:W
11 Weeks, Padraig    L1    Kilfinane_NS_Limerick     4     24:W 33:W 23:W  9:L  1:L 20:W
12 Furnell, Tristan  L1    St_Nicholas_Adare         4     10:L 36:W 35:W 23:W  8:W  5:L
13 Burke, Adam       L1    Manister_NS_Limerick      4     16:L 40:W 32:W  8:L 24:W 26:W
14 Fahy, Eoin        L1    Milford_PS                4     36:W  7:L 10:L 35:W 34:W 22:W
15 Garvey, Conor     L1    Caherelly_NS              3.5   44:W 22:W  2:D  5:L 10:W  6:L
16 Morrissey, Finn   L1    Scoil_Naoimh_Iosaf_Adare  3.5   13:W 27:W  9:L 20:W  4:L 17:D
17 Duhig, Jack       L1    Athlacca_NS               3.5   26:W  5:L 42:W  2:L 25:W 16:D
18 O'Connell, Donal  L1                              3.5   46:D 31:W 27:W  1:L  6:L 30:W
19 Keating, Geoffrey L1    Crecora_NS_Limerick       3      3:L 29:W 28:W 26:W  7:L 10:L
20 Faust, John       L0    Ballylanders_NS_Limerick  3     35:W 10:W  7:L 16:L 37:W 11:L
21 Duhig, Matt       L1    Athlacca_NS               3      7:L 39:W  4:L 36:W 23:W  8:L
22 Walshe, Calvin    L1    Scoil_Mathair_De          3     43:W 15:L 31:W  4:L 28:W 14:L
23 O'Connell, Joseph L1                              3     28:W 34:W 11:L 12:L 21:L 37:W
24 Keating, Thomas   L1    Crecora_NS_Limerick       3     11:L 44:W 37:W 10:L 13:L 33:W
25 Anderson, Tom     L0                              3      8:L  4:L 38:W 41:W 17:L 32:W
26 Ryan, Rachel      L1    Scoil_Mathair_De          3     17:L 30:W 41:W 19:L 40:W 13:L
27 Barnes, Ruth      L1    Scoil_Mathair_De          3     40:W 16:L 18:L 30:D 33:D 38:W
28 Collins, Sadhbh   L1                              3     23:L 38:W 19:L 32:W 22:L 36:W
29 Walsh, Hugh       L0    Limerick_School_Project   3     32:L 19:L 40:D 39:D 35:W 34:W
30 Garvey, James     L0    Caherelly_NS              2.5    5:L 26:L 39:W 27:D 41:W 18:L
31 Leahy, Cian       L1    Crecora_NS_Limerick       2.5   33:D 18:L 22:L 38:L 45:W 40:W
32 Hennessy, Clodagh L1                              2     29:W  3:L 13:L 28:L 42:W 25:L
33 Bateman, Megan    L1                              2     31:D 11:L 46:W  6:L 27:D 24:L
34 Bateman, Richard  L1    Crecora_NS_Limerick       2     38:W 23:L  8:L 42:W 14:L 29:L
35 Shortt, Lily      L0    Castleconnell_NS_Limerick 2     20:L 43:W 12:L 14:L 29:L 44:W
36 Ryan, Craig       L0    Scoil_Mathair_De          2     14:L 12:L 43:W 21:L 44:W 28:L
37 Crowley, Tommy    L0    Scoil_Naoimh_Iosaf_Adare  2     39:W  2:L 24:L 44:W 20:L 23:L
38 Lynch, Conor      L1    Scoil_Naoimh_Iosaf_Adare  2     34:L 28:L 25:L 31:W 43:W 27:L
39 O'Connor, Saoirse L1    St_Michaels_Limerick      2     37:L 21:L 30:L 29:D 46:W 42:D
40 Lane, Jamie       L1                              1.5   27:L 13:L 29:D 45:W 26:L 31:L
41 Faust, Mark       L0    Ballylanders_NS_Limerick  1.5   42:W  9:L 26:L 25:L 30:L 43:D
42 Shortt, Faye      L1    Castleconnell_NS_Limerick 1.5   41:L 45:W 17:L 34:L 32:L 39:D
43 Hodkinson, Gerald L0    St_Michaels_Limerick      1.5   22:L 35:L 36:L 46:W 38:L 41:D
44 Walsh, Cormac     L1    Limerick_School_Project   1     15:L 24:L 45:W 37:L 36:L 35:L
45 Hodkinson, James  L0    St_Michaels_Limerick      1      9:L 42:L 44:L 40:L 31:L 46:W
46 Carroll, Jack     L0    Scoil_Naoimh_Iosaf_Adare  .5    18:D  6:L 33:L 43:L 39:L 45:L
47 Fehily, Jim       L1                              0      2:-  0:   0:   0:   0:   0: 

List of Players

No  Name             Level  Team-Name                     

1.  Duhig, Jack       L1    Athlacca_NS              
2.  Duhig, Matt       L1    Athlacca_NS              
3.  Faust, John       L0    Ballylanders_NS_Limerick 
4.  Faust, Mark       L0    Ballylanders_NS_Limerick 
5.  Garvey, James     L0    Caherelly_NS             
6.  Garvey, Conor     L1    Caherelly_NS             
7.  Shortt, Lily      L0    Castleconnell_NS_Limerick
8.  Shortt, Faye      L1    Castleconnell_NS_Limerick
9.  Bateman, Richard  L1    Crecora_NS_Limerick      
10. Keating, Thomas   L1    Crecora_NS_Limerick      
11. Keating, Geoffrey L1    Crecora_NS_Limerick      
12. Leahy, Cian       L1    Crecora_NS_Limerick      
13. Weeks, Padraig    L1    Kilfinane_NS_Limerick    
14. Weeks, Eimear     L2    Kilfinane_NS_Limerick    
15. Keskin, Emre      L2    Limerick_School_Project  
16. Walsh, Hugh       L0    Limerick_School_Project  
17. Walsh, Cormac     L1    Limerick_School_Project  
18. Burke, Adam       L1    Manister_NS_Limerick     
19. Fahy, Eoin        L1    Milford_PS               
20. Hurley, Barry     L1    Milford_PS               
21. Barnes, Ruth      L1    Scoil_Mathair_De         
22. Ryan, Rachel      L1    Scoil_Mathair_De         
23. Ryan, Craig       L0    Scoil_Mathair_De         
24. Walshe, Calvin    L1    Scoil_Mathair_De         
25. Carroll, Jack     L0    Scoil_Naoimh_Iosaf_Adare 
26. Crowley, Tommy    L0    Scoil_Naoimh_Iosaf_Adare 
27. Lynch, Conor      L1    Scoil_Naoimh_Iosaf_Adare 
28. Morrissey, Finn   L1    Scoil_Naoimh_Iosaf_Adare 
29. Hodkinson, Gerald L0    St_Michaels_Limerick     
30. Hodkinson, James  L0    St_Michaels_Limerick     
31. Kobzev, Valentin  L2    St_Michaels_Limerick     
32. O'Connor, Saoirse L1    St_Michaels_Limerick     
33. Alfred, Jeffrey   L2    St_Nicholas_Adare        
34. Furnell, Tristan  L1    St_Nicholas_Adare        
35. Paknahad, Sean    L1    St_Nicholas_Adare        
36. Walker, James     L1    St_Nicholas_Adare        
37. Anderson, Tom     L0                             
38. Bateman, Megan    L1                             
39. Collins, Sadhbh   L1                             
40. Fehily, Jim       L1                             
41. Hennessy, Clodagh L1                             
42. Lane, Jamie       L1                             
43. O'Connell, Joseph L1                             
44. O'Connell, Donal  L1                             
45. Wall, Cian        L0                             
46. Wall, Robert      L2                             
47. Weeks, Niamh      L1                             
by Swiss Perfect (TM)