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Postal address: ChessZ, Kerry Rd, Adare, Co Limerick

Chess Sets
€13 each for less than 5, carriage is €8 total
€10 each for  5  or more, carriage is €8 total

The boards are made of vinyl, and are best stored flat. Squares are c 48mm x 48mm.
King heights are c95mm

Made in China                                               Made in India

ut of stock                                              Out of stock

Chess Training books

   MASTER CHESS: 8 books for €15 total, including postage

Step Books

STEP Workbooks, €5 each. Answer book is €1. P&P is €3 each or €8 total

Classroom Chess:

Chess Clocks

GARDE-start, digital clock
Standard clock with optional Fischer time-increment
remembers last setting
soft/quiet switching action with paddle switch
ONLY €30
(€8 p&p for any quantity)

DGT North American:
€55 each, P&P is €8
currently out of stock)

Demonstration Board
€40 each, P&P is €8
Board Dimensions: c30ins x 25ins.
Board is vinyl, and pieces are plastic
Class sizes of 50 are possible.
Lightweight, hangs on a small nail
Black Bag included