Levels-0-1-2-3, Cork Rapidplay, 2008-Sep-20

   1st:  Craig Gill        --------------->  May move to Level-4

   1st:  Peter Doyle       --------------->  Moves on to Level-3
   2nd:  Niamh Stockil

   1st:  Angus Gill        --------------->  Moves on to Level-2
   2nd:  Eoin Doyle
   3rd:  Dara McSweeney

   1st:  Jeffrey Alfred    --------------->  Moves on to Level-1

Cross Table

No Name           Level Total   1   2   3   4   5   6  

1  Doyle, Peter    L2    6     0:W 7:W 2:W 3:W 4:W 5:W
2  Alfred, Jeffrey L0    4     3:W 6:W 1:L 5:L 9:W 7:W
3  Gill, Angus     L1    4     2:L 0:W 9:W 1:L 6:W 8:W
4  Stockil, Niamh  L2    3.5   8:D 5:L 0:W 6:W 1:L 9:W
5  Doyle, Eoin     L1    3     6:L 4:W 8:W 2:W 7:L 1:L
6  McSweeney, Dara L1    3     5:W 2:L 7:W 4:L 3:L 0:W
7  Gill, Craig     L3    3     9:W 1:L 6:L 8:W 5:W 2:L
8  Michel, Owen    L1    2     4:D 9:D 5:L 7:L 0:W 3:L
9  Brien, Hugh     L1    1.5   7:L 8:D 3:L 0:W 2:L 4:L
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